The Frictions are an American/Slovenian rock'n'roll combo formed in 2006. They play rock music distilled to its basic essence. There are no artificial additives, no unwanted diversions. It is music crafted from the simple faith that noisy, hypnotic songs played with conviction by 4 guys in a room, are more than enough.

While holding to their own musical path, the sound of The Frictions echoes forward from past rock icons like Television, Neil Young & Crazy Horse and the Dream Syndicate. It is music for drunken nights and deserted highways.

The band features Chris Eckman from Seattle legends The Walkabouts (voice & guitar), Bernard Kogovšek (guitar) and Tomi Popit (bass) from Hic et Nunc and Luka Salehar (drums) from Kamerad Krivatoff.

In 2011 they released their debut album Halogen Sky and have shared stages with artists like Mudhney, Steve Wynn, The Bambi Molestors and Vlado Kreslin. The shows included appearances in Slovenia, Germany, Italy, Austria and throughout the Balkan region.

The Frictions' second album Torch will be released in April 2019. Again, recorded live and without pretense, the band’s vision now also incorporates post-punk textures (think Wire). Much is different and much remains the same.

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